Beyond Chattering and Noise

A film by Dominique Koch
– HD video. Sound. 20 min.
(Please use headphones for full sound experience and choose 1080p HD quality)

Sound design & music — Tobias Koch
Interviews with — Christian Marazzi & Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

In Beyond Chattering and Noise language is negotiated as code, as discourse and as a material to be sculpted. In this piece, Koch investigates Christian Marazzi’s and Franco Berardi’s theory of semiocapitalism, her notion that in the age of digital financial capitalism both language and finance are organised according to the principle of an exclusively relational symbolic model and reduced to an act of recombination. In consequence and in accordance with the diminishing utility of money, for Marazzi and Berardi the connection of language to the world, to the human body and to social reality gets lost in the digital age. This leads in their view to more and more areas of life becoming automated and political decisions being made without human input. The starting point for Koch’s attempt to tie language once again to a body, a voice or a reference point, without creating a relationship of cause and effect, is a token which establishes the connection between language and money. The effigy on one side of the coin is the slogan: « A l’immortalité » (To immortality). The coin served as proof of membership to the Académie française which has been overseeing the normalisation of the French language since the 17th century. The fragmented text montage, reminiscent of this discursive background, is digitally processed and played as vibrating sound installation somewhere between chattering and noise. Heidi Brunnschweiler